How to use HPTuners

This is going to be guide on how to use HPTuners. The different parameters, how to make changes, what effects happen when making changes, and how to make custom PIDs and log sensors through the scanner. You can visit their website at and their forum at , for additional help. There are help files that come with the program. When you mouse over a particular field, there will be a short description of what it does.


This is based off the PCM file from my 2000 Pontiac Formula. For the most part, this will work for just about every LS based engine vehicle. There will be some differences. When making changes, always change the name of the file. That way, if the changes you made had a negative effect, you can just revert back to the previous one. I add a number to the end of the original file name, then increment up each time I make a change. Also, I keep a word pad log of the changes I make.



How to change fan on/off settings
How to correct the speedometer for gear and tire height changes
How to change the speed limiter

How to change the RPM limiter
How to add/subtract fuel for Wide Open Throttle
How to remove torque management
How to remove C.A.G.S. (better know as skip shift)
How to change your idle RPM
How to disable EGR
How to disable AIR System
How to change when closed loop is enabled
High Octane Table
Low Octane Table

Primary VE Table
Secondary VE Table
How to delete codes

How to remove torque management for automatic transmission
How to change torque converter parameters

How to add IAC Position to the Table Display
How to add IAT to the Chart Display
How to add MAF AFR Error to the histogram